Participate in a comprehensive training and fixture programme while studying full time. Designed to help improve your performance and develop your individual skills, our Sports Academy provides opportunities to train or compete with likeminded gifted and talented individuals to reach your potential.

Personal Data Fair Processing Notice

I give permission for the college to

  • Get in touch with me about my application, progress or future opportunities using any of the contact details I have provided
  • Inform me of college events and circumstances which are relevant to me
  • Share my personal data with local authorities and other agencies who may contact me about services relevant to my application and attendance at college
  • share with partner organisations my personal information sufficient only for the purposes of processing electronic payments and providing other services on behalf of the College

I give my permission for my information to be used in my personal best interests by college personnel and other professionals directly involved in processing my application.

I understand that the college is obliged to share my personal data with government departments and agencies subject to their own fair processing notices.

If I am aged 18 years or younger on the day I sign this form, I accept that the college may discuss my application, and share my personal information with my school, parent(s) or carer designated as my next of kin.

I understand that if I am 18 years or younger but do not want the College to share my information with my school, parent or carer, I can discuss this with the Head of Student Services.

I understand that the Sports Academy has a performance trial process and that if successful in achieving a place there will be annual fees to cover the running costs of the programme.

I am a aware that I can apply for more than one sport, but if successful in achieving a place in different sports, I must choose one to focus on.

All students selected for the Sports Academy must be enrolled on a full time academic or vocational course at the College.